Monday, 10 October 2011

Liquorice Liqueur: Absolutely the Best!!

I'll be very quick: I don't particularly like either liquorice or all the "after meal" liqueurs...but this one is so good that now and then I treat myself with a "bicchierino" of this delight! Besides, every single friend that had the chance to try it ended up bringing home a little bottle or bagged one for the "liquoriceaholic" friend...because everyone has at least one liquorice-addicted friend!! The recipe is my cousin Rachele's who is the official maker and dealer of this black pleasure.

1L Water
1Kg Sugar
150g Pure liquorice (in powder or pieces)
600ml Alcohol

Prepare a syrup dissolving the sugar with water on high heat and boil for 5'. Decrease the heat to medium-low, add the liquorice very slowly while keep stirring to avoid lumps (but if it happens, don't worry!) and boil for another 5'. Remove from the heat and let cool completely. Add the alcohol and bottle.

This liqueur doesn't need to mature so it can be used straight away (which is a plus!!) and it is best when served ice-cold (keep it in the freezer).

A black delicious smile and have a good week, 

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